Envestio review

Envestio is a platform that works in the field of providing high-efficiency financing loans (up to 22%) from different sectors.

     I want to emphasize that Envestio review is impartial and is based only on my experience as an investor in this platform. I will be completely transparent about the amount I invested, my income and the cash flow that the platform generates each month. If at the end you are interested in testing the platform, you can use any link in the post or this blog to get:

  • € 5 registration bonus in 24 hours (if you invest at least € 100)
  • 5% bonus from the amount invested in the first 270 days as a recovery bonus. This bonus is calculated and paid before 5 of each month

You do not get these bonuses if you sign up directly on Envestio.com.

About Envestio

     Envestio started as a private investment fund in 2014 and decided to go public in 2017. Like many other Peer to Peer lending platforms, it is based in Estonia. The company offers investments with a high yield of up to 22%. At the time of writing, 10222 investors invested over € 25,668,575 with an average annual return of 18.52%.

     Envestio promises to offer investors only those projects that have gone through a thorough selection process carried out by a specialized team. Until April 30, 2019, Envestio has successfully led and exited 42 successful investment projects, fully benefiting from the main and interest of the cooperation partners and their payment to investors.

    So far, Envestio has shown that it makes a very good selection in terms of projects.

What does the Buyback Guarantee mean for the investors of the Envestio platform

    The buyback guarantee of Envestio, means, that any investor can at any time sell an investment from his investment portfolio to Envestio and can immediately receive the money invested back.

Note that in some cases, the redemption cost may represent a percentage of the amount invested. In general, this is a 5% penalty rate.

All interest payments already transferred to the investor’s account remain in his possession. Envestio promises that it is sufficiently capitalized to immediately make any purchase.

Key features:

  • Currency: EUR
  • Taxes: No taxes
  • Minimum deposit: 100 EUR
  • Minimum investment in a project: 1 Euro
  • Types of loans: Business loans, Real estate loans
  • Loan terms: depending on the project
  • Interest rates: up to 21%
  • Secondary market: NO
  • AutoInvest: YES
  • Buyback guarantee: YES

How to open an account on Envestio

      The process is simple and fast. Fill in the data, create a password, accept the terms and the account is created. You can deposit money by bank transfer as soon as the account is created. I used Revolut and the money came in less than 24 hours. If you do not have an account you can download the application by accessing this link.

     You can invest immediately as the money has arrived in your account.

     To withdraw money, investors must provide identity verification documents. Corporate investors must provide documentation for verification before investing. Documents can be sent by email to account@envestio.com or uploaded directly to the platform.

How to invest on the Envestio platform

     The minimum investment in a project is at least € 1. The industrial sectors are varied, from real estate, food, energy and crypto mining.

    In general, all projects are very detailed and you can document yourself before making the investment. Because the Envestio platform has a good track record, all projects are financed in a very short time. To give you an idea, the last project worth 1,000,000 Euros was funded in just 6 hours.

My experience after 6 months

     I started investing in Envestio when I made the decision to start the journey towards financial independence. I was attracted by the very high-interest rates combined with the redemption guarantee and many positive opinions (some bloggers also visited the company).

    So far, we have always received interest on time without any delay. Until the time of writing I have invested in Envestio over 1000 Euro and I will definitely invest monthly in this platform.


     I am very pleased that I have added the Envestio platform to my investment portfolio. Before investing, I did a thorough search and found only positive opinions about this platform. Envestio is a good option if you want to diversify your investment portfolio. The interest rate is excellent, and the redemption guarantee offered by Envestio, even with the 5% tax, offers an additional security pillow in case you want to withdraw the investment before the deadline.

    Their projects help create jobs and add value to the economy. If you have an ethical problem with P2P investment platforms that offer payment credits, Envestio is definitely a good alternative.

Offers and bonuses:

There are two types of bonuses available at Envestio. If you subscribe to Envestio by the link below and you deposit at least € 100, you will receive:

  • € 5 registration bonus in 24 hours
  • 5% bonus from the amount invested in the first 270 days as a recovery bonus. This bonus is calculated and paid before 5 of each month

In order to receive the Envestio bonuses you must register as an investor HERE.

     There are several P2P lending platforms that offer new sign-up bonuses for investors or cashback offers. It is a profitable thing, because you can invest the bonus to increase the yield.

You can check the offers of certain platforms HERE

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Want to see my investment portfolio?

    If you are still here you can check my P2P Investment Portfolio. You can follow every month what  I have obtained from the platforms on which I invested.


    I am not a personal financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be. I try to offer my perspective and experience in good faith only as an opinion, not as financial advice. Consult a professional financial consultant before making any investment decision. I’m simply monitoring my journey to financial independence. I am not associated with any of the investment platforms.

    The blog contains links to certain investment platforms. If you click on the links and decide to invest in any of their products or services, I could earn a commission. Sometimes you’ll get a bonus for using my links. I think it is a good situation for everyone.

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