Peer-to-Peer lending continues to grow in Europe. The extraordinary growth of the Peer to Peer lending market can also be linked to the preference of investors for these platforms. P2P platforms are a way to get a good return and to use to diversify the investment portfolio.

    Fast Invest platform review. I want to emphasize that this analysis is impartial and is based only on my experience as an investor in this platform. I will be completely transparent about the amount I invested, my income and the cash flow that the platform generates each month. Like any investment presents risks. That’s why I recommend that you analyze well before making any investment. It is important to understand what risks come with such investments. I chose this type of investment because they are easily accessible and have a high yield.


    Fast Invest is a renowned platform that offers investments in Peer to Peer loans, where investors finance consumer loans in a peer-to-peer format. Instead, investors receive interest on those loans when consumers repay them. Currently, the platform has an interest rate of 9-16% with a buy-back guarantee. They come with a buyback guarantee that starts after only 3 days. An incredibly short delay compared to other platforms. At this moment, the platform has over 30,000 daily users, from over 55 countries.

How to open an account on FAST INVEST

     Both investors and loan applicants must register for a free account before investing on the platform. Opening an account on Fast Invest is quite simple and takes less than 5 minutes. All you need is a valid email address. After creating an account and checking it, the next step is to deposit funds. Select “Add Funds” and find all the data needed to make the transfer.

Sign up process

     It is very important when you make the transfer, to add the transfer details, This is actually the account number that you are associated with when creating the account. I make all deposits with Revolut and the money arrived in less than 24 hours. If you have not used Revolut so far here is a brief description HERE. If you do not have an account you can download the application by accessing this link. Once the funds are on the platform, you can start looking for a loan that best suits your preferences. To realize and test the platform does not cost you anything. You can get your free account here.

How to invest on the FAST INVEST

    A great advantage of the platform is that you can invest in starting at € 1. Like most investment platforms, Fast Invest offers the opportunity to invest manually, which is very good for new investors. It is quite easy to do this, using a limited set of filters: country, currency, term, loan amount, interest rate.


     You can also use the auto-investing option that allows you to automate your investments by choosing the best criteria that suit your investments. The auto-invest option allows you to select the amount you want to invest, the interest rate, time intervals, the amount to be self-invested and the maximum amount per investment.

Auto Invest

What does the Buyback Guarantee mean for Fast Invest platform investors?

     When a payment is delayed 3 days, Fast Invest intervenes and pays the full amount. So far BuyBack has worked very well. I have not had any late payment and I have not heard anyone complain about it until now.


What does MoneyBack Guarantee mean for Fast Invest investors?

     If at any time you decide to give up the investment and you want to sell this investment (before the planned payment term), Fast Invest guarantees to compensate the investment in one business day. All you have to do is click on the “My investment” section, select the loan and click on “Sell”. Keep in mind that whenever you sell a loan ahead of time, you lose all the interest accrued until then. You will only receive the full amount of the initial investment.

My performances after six months of investments

 All the payments are made on time. The average interest rate base on my investment is 12.87%.

  I like the interface of the platform because it is very easy to use, but most of all I like the statistics section because it shows how much you should receive in that month and how much you have received until then. 


It is really nice. What do you think?

Monthly income

My opinion about FAST INVEST

    Fast Invest is a company that has grown very quickly in a very short time. So far I have had only pleasant experiences with Fast Invest and I will continue to reinvest on this platform. If you want to add this platform to your peer to peer investment portfolio, you can sign up free here.

You want to see my investment portfolio ?

My P2P portfolio

     There are several P2P lending platforms that offer new sign-up bonuses for investors or cashback offers. It is a profitable thing, because you can invest the bonus to increase the yield.

You can check the offers of certain platforms HERE.


    I am not a personal financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be. I try to offer my perspective and experience in good faith only as an opinion, not as financial advice. Consult a professional financial consultant before making any investment decision. I’m simply monitoring my journey to financial independence. I am not associated with any of the investment platforms.

    The blog contains links to certain investment platforms. If you click on the links and decide to invest in any of their products or services, I could earn a commission. Sometimes you’ll get a bonus for using my links. I think it is a good situation for everyone.

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