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Update 19.12.2019. Due to some information found on social networks, I advise you to be well informed before investing in this platform. Some of the funded projects are suspected to be SCAM. Until the situation is clarified I do not recommend this platform. I asked for the withdrawal of investments.

    Kuetzal is a new peer-to-peer platform in Estonia that offers the opportunity to invest in business loans with good interest rates. The platform is very similar to the Envestio and Crowdestor platforms.

Kuetzal was founded in July 2018 and by June 2019, over 1000 investors made the first deposit on the platform.

Kuetzal offers projects with interest rates ranging from 10% to 21%, and the loan term varies from 1 to 4 years. What makes Kuetzal an attractive platform is that it offers some loans with a Buyback Guarantee.

What means Buyback guarantee for Kuetzal investors.

     If the project investor is late with payments or goes bankrupt, Kuetzal promises to cover 100% of the investment.
To give investors the option of leaving a project earlier, Kuetzal is committed to buying the investment for a 10% fee. (Contact them by email, if you want to use this option)

Note that Kuetzal promises to cover 100% of your investment in the event of non-payment.

Key features:

  • Currency: EUR
  • Taxes: No taxes
  • Minimum investment: 100 EUR
  • Types of loans: Business loans; loans for real estate
  • Loan terms: depending on the project but not more than 4 years
  • Interest rates: up to 21%
  • Secondary market: NO
  • Automatic investment: NO
  • Buyback guarantee: YES, for the projects with the Buy-back symbol

How to open an account on Kuetzal

    The process is simple and fast. Fill all the data, create a password, accept the terms and your account is created. You can deposit money by bank transfer immediately. For transfer, I used Revolut and the money arrived in less than 24 hours.

How to invest on Kuetzal platform

    The minimum investment in a project is € 100. The available projects are from different European countries. The industrial sectors are varied, from real estate, transport, medical care, food industry.

Each project has a minimum of funds to consider the campaign a success and a maximum target.

     So far, all projects have a fixed interest that is paid monthly. You can check from the beginning what the amount you will receive using the interest calculator available for each project.

What risks we have by investing on Kuetzal platform.

     When investing through Kuetzal, there are some risks. Kuetzal promises that before adding the projects on the webpage, a solid verification is carried out from the received projects. Only the premium ones are hosted on their platform. To reduce the risks, you can choose loans with a buyback guarantee. The buyback option is provided by the platform to protect investors if a company no longer pays or goes bankrupt. Kuetzal guarantees that it covers 100% of the investment within 2 months of the investment, according to the legal process.

There is always the risk that a P2P platform will go bankrupt, but this can happen if more companies will not be able to repay the loan at the same time. Chances are small enough to happen, but this must be taken into account. This is why I am trying to diversify my portfolio by investing in more platforms.

Positive opinions:

  • The platform is simple, easy to use
  • No fees
  • The guarantees of repayment of some loans make Kuetzal a relatively safe place to invest
  • Interest rates are up to 21%
  • Customer service is good, providing support almost immediately
  • Although it is a new platform, they have managed to attract a large number of investors
  • You receive interest from the day you invest. You do not have to wait for the entire project to be funded to receive money

Negative opinions:

  • The platform is relatively new. Established in 2018
  • The buyback guarantee covers only some loans
  • There is no historical evidence to prove that the buyback guarantee works


    Kuetzal is definitely a platform with high potential. I think that in a short time it will be a platform as popular as Envestio or Crowdestor. Also, they have to demonstrate that he can handle the situation properly when one of the originators becomes incapacitated for payment.

Until then, I think Kuetzal is doing its best to select good projects.

     Due to the very high-interest rate and the projects offered, I decided to add Kuetzal to my investment portfolio.

Update: after 5 months of investment my account is looking like this. All payments are made on time without any delay. So far, I am very happy with this platform.

Sign up Bonus

If you sign up on the Kuetzal platform through this link and enter the promo code: INDEPENDENTFINANCIAR you will receive:

  • 10€ registration bonus and
  • 0.5% cashback of all investments made in the first 180 days

The offer is valid until 31.05.2020.

     There are several P2P lending platforms that offer new sign-up bonuses for investors or cashback offers. It is a profitable thing, because you can invest the bonus to increase the yield.

You can check the offers of certain platforms HERE

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 I am not a personal financial advisor, nor do I pretend to be. I try to offer my perspective and experience in good faith only as an opinion, not as financial advice. Consult a professional financial consultant before making any investment decision. I’m simply monitoring my journey to financial independence. I am not associated with any of the investment platforms.

    The blog contains links to certain investment platforms. If you click on the links and decide to invest in any of their products or services, I could earn a commission. Sometimes you’ll get a bonus for using my links. I think it is a good situation for everyone.

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