There are plenty of P2P lending platforms that offer new sign-up bonuses for investors or cashback offers. It is a profitable thing to get bonuses and invest at the same time, to increase the yield. I will follow and list the P2P bonuses. The blog contains affiliate links. If you click on the links and decide to invest in these platforms, in some cases you can get a small commission. I think it is a win-win situation for everyone because if you register directly on the platform, the offers and bonuses are not valid. For deposits, I recommend using REVOLUT  because they do not have transfer fees.

Envestio - Bonuses & Cashback

    There are two types of bonuses available at Envestio. If you subscribe by the link below and you deposit at least € 100, you will receive:

  • 5€ registration bonus in 24 hours and
  • 0.5% bonus from the amount invested in the first 270 days as a recovery bonus. This bonus is calculated and paid before 5 of each month

In order to receive the Envestio bonuses you must register as an investor HERE.

Kuetzal - Bonuses & Cashback

If you sign up on the Kuetzal platform through this link and enter the promo code: INDEPENDENTFINANCIAR you will receive:

  • 10€ registration bonus and
  • 0.5% cashback of all investments made in the first 180 days

The offer is valid until 31.05.2020.

Update 19.12.2019. Due to some information found on social networks, I advise you to be well informed before investing in this platform. Some of the funded projects are suspected to be SCAM. Until the situation is clarified I do not recommend this platform. I asked for the withdrawal of investments.

Wisefund - Cashback

    Wisefund is a new P2P platform that offers short term business loans, with a duration of 4-9 months and high-interest rates of up to 19.7% per year. All loans come with a redemption guarantee. Get now:

  • 0.5% cashback, out of the amount invested in the first 270 days, if you register through this link.


 If you subscribe at Monethera thru this  link you will receive:

  • 5€ registration bonus 
  • 0.5% bonus from the amount invested in the first 180 days 

Mintos - Cashback

Mintos is the leading European P2P platform.

Bonus: 1% cashback if you sign up until 18-Nov-2019 if you sign up after this date you take 0.5%

Get the bonus now: Follow and sign up to register for the bonus with this link.


    From the 17th of October to 17th of November 2019 Grupeer offers a 1% Cashback to all new clients registered thru this link 

Newly registered clients will receive the cashback on all investments exceeding Eur100. The cashback will be paid on total amount, by 22nd of November and excludes the loan deals already subject to other cashbacks.

Lenndy - Bonus

    If you sign up with this link and invest 100 EUR or more (not necessarily in one loan) – you get a bonus of 10 EUR. The money will be sent to you immediately after making the investment. - Bonus is a Peer to Bussines platform that allows anyone to invest in business loans from only 10 € and earn up to 15% interest. All investments come with an additional guarantee for investors.

    If you register through this LINK and use the promo code UURU4 you will receive:

10 € Bonus if you invest at least 250 € in the first 90 days after registration.


Reinvest24 is a platform through which you can invest in real estate for just € 100.

If you register through this link until 31.12.2019 you will receive:

  • € 10 Bonus immediately after registration

    Take advantage of bonuses to increase your efficiency from the first deposit. The P2P Bonuses  page contains the latest offers from the platforms. I recommend that you invest on several platforms, types of loans, geographies and creditors. Ideally, no loan should represent more than 0.5% of your P2P portfolio. Assets should be allocated to the platforms that offer the best risk-adjusted reviews, history and customer service.

For diversification, you can register and test free, platforms such as:

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