Portfolio update November 2019

     November has passed and it’s time to take a look at my Peer 2 Peer portfolio. Every time I do this analysis and see how the portfolio grows, I realize that I am on the right road. It is extremely satisfying to realize that I am very close to reaching the first target (€ 100 passive income by the end of the year). I look at the days when the passive income will cover monthly expenses. Until there, will be a long journey, but I will do everything step by step.

In November I invested an amount of 1092 €, which make my P2P portfolio to a total of 8204 €. The passive income was € 89.50, an increase of 24% compared to the previous month.

The total profit from the beginning of the P2P investment is € 309.66 (€ 268.64 in interest and € 41.02 in sign-up bonuses and cash-in offers).

Being attracted by the high-interest rates, I added in my portfolio a new platform called Monethera. More details about the platform below.

InvestmentIncome Nov. (€)Interest rate (%)
Total value (€)
Fast Invest5.6312.97%673

Peer 2 Peer income performance analysis


Mintos received the People’s Choice Award for the fourth consecutive year at the 2019 AltFi Awards! This year, Mintos is the only company that has become a double winner at the annual AltFi Awards, an event dedicated to celebrating innovation and financial success. Also in November reached the 4 Billion Euro threshold in loans financed on the platform.

Currently, there are loans with interest rates of 10% – 12% maximum. I want to increase my portfolio here, but I cannot resist the 17% – 24% interest rate offered by the other platforms.

I recommend investing only with originators who pay interest on late payments. As seen above, it often happens that there are delays in payments.

If you want to sign up for the Mintos platform using the links in this blog, you will receive a 0.5% exclusive bonus for all the investments you make in the first 90 days after registration.


In November, Envestio generated a passive income of € 22.35. At the moment it is my favorite platform due to the projects with a good yield and monthly interest payments. As before, all payments have been made in time without any delay. I added € 220 in November, and now the total amount on the platform is € 1581.

     Envestio launched only 3 projects with interest rates of 17.9% -19%. All projects are funded now, but more are on the way. Due to the popularity and a large number of investors, projects are financed in a very short time. Please note that all loans come with a buyback guaranteed. A brief analysis of the platform here.

    If you want to invest in Envestio and enjoy a very high yield, you can take advantage of the bonuses offered by the platform for new investors. Sign up to Envestio through this link and you deposit at least 100€, you will receive:

  • 5€  registration bonus in 24 hours
  • 0.5% bonus from the amount invested in the first 270 days as a recovery bonus. This bonus is calculated and paid before 5 of each month

In November I have invested in two new projects, both with a 19% interest and buy-back guarantee. All payments were made on time. My investments on the platform are € 1515 and brought me a passive income of € 21,6.

So far I have invested in 8 projects with interest rates ranging from 18.50% – 20.50%. At the time of writing, 3 projects are open, with an interest rate up to 19%.

If you sign up on the Kuetzal platform through this link and enter the promo code: INDEPENDENTFINANCIAR you will receive:

  • 10€ registration bonus and
  • 0.5% cashback of all investments made in the first 180 days

The offer is valid until 31.05.2020.


Crowdestor offers projects with attractive interest rates from 10% to 24%. One of the projects “CONSUMER LOAN PORTFOLIO ACQUISITION” with an interest rate of 24% was financed in less than 24 hours. I managed to invest 300 € in this project, which brings my investments to a total of 1537 €.

I really like the new interface of the platform. Now you can see the average interest rates, the total profit, but also the investment portfolio. Most importantly, they added the payment schedule, where you can see when you will receive the next payment. It is much easier to track if there are delays in payments. So far no delays on the payments.

More details about the platform projects here.


Wisefund is one of the European P2P lending platforms where we can invest in business loans for European SMEs in several sectors of the economy. All loans come with buyback guarantee. A brief analysis of the platform here.

So far, I have invested in 6 projects and all of them have made the payments on time.

All projects are funded at the time of writing, but at the beginning of December, more projects are due to appear. Most have very attractive interest rates of 18% -20% and guaranteed buyback.

Wisefund offers 0.5% cashback from the amount invested in the first 270 days if you register through this link.


 Monethera is one of the newest P2P platforms. You can invest in real estate projects, business loans, green energy, logistics or technology companies and you can get up to 22% interest. I followed the platform for some time and I decided to add it to the portfolio, due to the diversified projects and the very good interest rates. I also made the first investment in a project with an interest rate of 19.80% and the monthly payment.

I used an affiliate link to take advantage of € 5  sign up bonus and 180 days cashback. If you want to test the platform and want to take advantage of these bonuses you can sign up using this link and receive:

€ 5 registration bonus
0.5% bonus from the amount invested in the first 180 days as a recovery bonus.

You can track which platforms offer registration bonuses on the P2P Bonuses page. Please note that the platforms do not offer bonuses if you register without affiliate links.

At the time of writing, on  Monethera 2 projects are available, with interest rate up to 21% and monthly payment.


On Fast Invest, you can find loans with interest rates of 12% -13% and buyback guarantee. So far the platform has a very good track record and all payments are made on time.

      In October I decided that the money I was spending on cigarettes, to invest them in Fast Invest. So, I added another € 150 and I want to add this amount every month. I gave up smoking 2 years ago but only in October, I decided to invest this money. I chose Fast Invest because it has a very good track record and offers attractive interest rates. In addition, you can withdraw the money in a short time. All loans come with a  buyback guarantee on the Fast Invest platform.

As before all payments have been made on time. On the performance chart, you can see the amount you should receive in that month.

If you want to test the Fast Invest platform you can sign up through this link.


Grupeer has passed 20,350 investors who invested only in 2019 over 40,398,317 €. The average interest rate of the platform is 13.20%. Notes that on Grupeer  you can find most of the time loans with 1% cashback. Most of the loans come with a buyback guarantee.

All payments were made without delay. I am very pleased with how my investments evolve on the platform.

A brief description of the platform here or you can directly test Grupeer.


Lenndy is a peer-to-peer market where investors can invest in pre-financed loans and receive interest. The platform has a good history so far and the average interest rate is 12.28%, which is very good for a P2P type platform.

Being in search of new platforms for diversification, in the first phase Lenndy attracted my attention due to the bonus offered at registration of 10 €. I wanted to take advantage of this bonus, which I immediately invested. If you register with this link and invest 100 EUR or more (not necessarily in one loan) – you get a bonus of 10 EUR. The main reason why I decided to keep the platform in my investment portfolio is the buyback guarantee and the possibility to sell the loans. Be careful though, if the loan has late payment it cannot be sold.


PeerBerry is a P2P platform where you can invest in P2P loans. At the time of writing, there are loans with an interest of up to 12.7%. For long-term loans, all payments were made on time.

On PeerBerry all loans have a guarantee of repurchase. If the payments are delayed for more than 60 days, the loans are repaid by the creditors, and the principal and interest paid. You can sign up and test the platform by accessing this link.


Debitum.network is a Peer to Bussines platform that allows anyone to invest in business loans from only € 10 and earn interest up to 15%. By the time of writing the platform has over 3500 investors.

In November I withdrew 50 € from the platform and the money was in my Revolut account the next day. Upon withdrawal, a fee of one euro is charged.

Although most loans have interest rates of 9-10%, penalties for delays are 4.5%.

 If you want to take advantage of the bonus offered by the platform, you can register through this LINK and using the promo code UURU4 you will receive:

  • 10 € Bonus, if you invest a minimum of 250 €

It is a platform in Estonia where you can invest in real estate starting with the amount of 100 €. It is different from the other platforms because when you invest in a building, you practically buy a piece of it. The buildings are rented and the rent is divided to the investors. So far the payment was made on time for the project I have invested. At the time of writing, there are no projects available for investment.

Reinvest24 offers from 10 October to 31 December 2019 a Bonus of 10 Euro for all those who register through this link.

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    I remind you that the above is my own opinion and you should always do your research before investing. Through this blog, I monitor my journey to financial independence. You can use this information and opinions to make your own opinion and maybe you will be inspired to start your journey

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